Are your teeth discoloured from too much tea, coffee or curry? Have you got that special event coming up that you’d like a nice shiny photogenic smile for? 

Teeth whitening is a great, quick and simple way of improving your smile. We offer faster more effective in chair whitening solutions for those up close profile photos and easy to use, cost effective take home options to suit your timetable.



This is where you would book a 1 hour appointment with us and we would whiten your teeth in the chair. You simply lay back as we apply the product to your teeth, and then watch TV as our lights do the work for you! Phillips Zoom in chair whitening is proven to assist teeth in whitening up to 8 shades brighter.



The take home option is where we would book an initial consult with you to take moulds of your teeth ahead of time, and once they are ready we will call you to pick them up. You can then take home our Opalescence whitening treatment kit and apply it to the inside of the mouth guards and wear them for a few hours at a time at home. The best success for these products is to wear them overnight for a couple of nights, and continue to brush regularly. We have found these to be particularly successful and a good take home option!


If you would like to see some amazing before and after photos to see just how well these products work, visit our website at www.phdental.com.au and follow the links from the 'PH Expertise' page! Please be aware that results may differ between individuals and chat to one of our friendly staff members today to see if whitening is for you.