Digital Dentistry - Digital X-Rays and Photos

Our photogenic technology extends into the latest and safest x-ray systems available. As x-rays are a necessity in nearly all parts of dentistry, we have invested in the most sophisticated dental x-ray equipment that allows us to instantaneously see ‘inside’ your teeth and jaws. We have an in house OPG/Lateral CEPH machine that helps us take images of your entire mouths and jaws. We also have intra-oral devices that give up close and magnified x-rays. We also use professional DSLR cameras to capture high-resolution images of your mouth so you can see exactly what we see when we look inside. What does this all mean for you?  High-resolution photos and crystal-clear x-rays with the lowest radiation exposure ensuring the best, most timely diagnosis and treatment for you. Another unique way Photogenic Dental is able to communicate and deliver excellent dental treatment.