At Photogenic Dental, we really enjoy seeing kids grow up under our care. We consider it a great privilege when we get to see kids lose their first baby teeth, hit high school and grow taller than ourselves, get their teeth straightened with Invisalign, get married and have children themselves. It’s even more amazing when we see their children come to see us as their dentist.

One of the biggest concerns for mums are the future orthodontic needs of their child, you can trust us to put your mind at ease as we help plan and prepare you for any foreseeable orthodontic work later in their lives. We especially love seeing children early, so we can show them all the ‘fun’ tools we use at the dentist, let them feel all the instruments that we use in chasing ‘tooth bugs’ away, and actively involve them in the check ups of their older brothers and sisters. We often have mums tell us how much their kids LOVE the dentist and can’t wait to see us again. 

Check out our “Fun Lab” page for links to funny ‘brushing-time’ videos, free e-books for healthy recipes and other cool ideas to keep your kids teeth nice and healthy!