It's nice getting to know someone so we thought you might like to get to know your dentist a bit more!

Here you will find mini biographies of your favourite dentists, getting to know the awards they have won, their career aspirations and their personal interests. Happy reading!


             ERNIE                          DAMON                                 RACHEL                              YVONNE                        MICHAEL




BDSc (Hons.) UWA



Dr. Ernest Yeo graduated as Dux of his year group 2006 from the University of Western Australia and was also awarded some of the most prestigious awards while at uni including the:


WA College of Dental Science Prize in Restorative Dentistry

Kenneth J. G Sutherland Prize in Clinical Dentistry

Tom E. Scott Memorial Prize in Prosthodontics

G. D. Henderson Prize in Oral Surgery

Wynn Needham Memorial Prize for Highest Aggregate mark, level 5 Dentistry units

Dental Board of WA Prize in Dentistry

Australian Society of Endodontology (WA Branch) Prize in Endodontics

Australian Dental Association (WA Branch) Prize for the most outstanding 2nd Year Student in Dentistry

University of Western Australia Graduates Association Prize in Dentistry

Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Prize 

J. F. S. McGibbon Award for the best essay on Orthodontics

Harol Baggett Memorial Prize in Histology


Having spent eight years working at WA’s largest regional dental center in Bunbury, Ernie was trained by the best in cosmetic and restorative ceramic dental treatments. Ernie attends regular training courses focussing on the more intricate details of ceramic dental techniques, modern dental technology, cosmetics, orthodontics and has a personal interest in the most challenging cases of both CEREC and Invisalign. Ernie was invited to move into orthodontics however chose to stay with general dental and become the best he could be with a passion to train and equip others to become the best at what they do too.


Ernie and his wife Sarah bought what was previously known as Parkwood Dental Centre in 2013 from Dr. Micheal Welten (who was a great uni friend of Ernie’s!) and has since then taken it to new heights with the name changing to Photogenic Dental. Ernie had always dreamed of owning his own practice and what a great job he is doing already! Ernie is an avid basketball player, loves exercising and in the last couple of years spending time with his gorgeous little kids Eve and Jack.


Ernie’s wife Sarah has a background in communications and interior styling and currently heads up our marketing side of things here at PhDental. Sarah worked every Saturday for the first 18 months that her and Ernie owned Photogenic Dental right up until the few months before their first bub Eve was due. Many patients enjoyed seeing Sarah’s tummy grow over the months and what a great joy it has been for everyone to share in their journey as first time parents! (You’ll see lots of photos at the practice now days!). 


Ernie and Sarah share a great love for God and enjoy being a part of a lively and exciting Church in Myaree called Nations Church where Sarah was also on staff leading the Bible College in its inaugural year in 2015. Ernie loves being a dentist and business owner and you can often find his books filled with patients who drive to Perth from many parts of the South West to see him. He is greatly loved by patients and staff alike and is extremely grateful and honoured to be trusted with people’s health.



Dr. Damon Williams has been a practicing dentist since graduating with honours from the University of Western Australia in 2011. Damon and his wife Rachel work together at our practice and they are loving it! Damon received multiple awards while at uni including the Eric Williams Prize in Prosthodontics, the Sally Joyston-Bechal Study Group Prize, and the Highest Achieving Student in 2008, and since then has been enjoying his work as a dentist firstly in Mandurah where he was based for three and half years and now with us here at Photogenic Dental. Damon is passionate about young people reaching their full potential in life and this is evident in his work as a dentist-he is often found to be chatting with his patients about life and encouraging them to be the best they can be. Alongside Rachel, Damon runs programs for teenagers in the community of Nedlands and surrounding suburbs every Friday night. Damon is also a keen sportsman and provides Ernie with some good rivalry and conversation when it comes to their favourite American Basketball players and teams! Fortunately they share a love for the West Coast Eagles, a definite sore spot for our resident Freo fan, dental assistant Liz.



Dr. Rachel Williams is our newest addition to the team and graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2015. Rachel like Ernie came out of Dentistry as top of her year and we are SO excited to have her working on our team! Other awards Rachel was presented with at uni include: the Highest Mark in Anatomy, the Highest Mark in the Clinical Practice of the Prosthodontics Component of Restorative Dentistry, The Best Student in Paediatric Dentistry, and The Needham Memorial Prize Scholarship. Go Rach!!

Rachel had 7 years experience working as a dental nurse before graduating as a dentist and spent her final year nursing for Dr. Ernie-you might even recognize some similarities in their dental ‘brain’ but Ernie reckons she’ll definitely be better than him one day! Rachel and Damon have been with us since 2015-2016 and love working together not just at our clinic but also in their community, collectively spending over 20 hours per week volunteering as the leaders at their local youth group and high schools in Nedlands!! She also has a budding green thumb and is an avid garden learning to grow her own veggies at home. Rachel is fast becoming a popular dentist, she particularly loves treating anxious patients and making them feel at ease, and her bubbly and energetic nature is contagious to all that meet her. Rachel has a keen interest in healthy cooking, music and photography and absolutely loves working with kids! Rachel hopes to always provide families with the best dental care she can with a holistic approach, caring for much more than just their dental needs.



Dr. Yvonne Go is our most decorated dentist and her studies include a Bachelor in Medical Science and a Post Graduate Degree in Dental Surgery. Yvonne did all her studies in the Eastern states and relocated back to Perth at the end of her Post Graduate in 2014. Yvonne called Ernie to see if she could watch over his shoulder as he worked and soon landed a job with us. Yvonne is kind and very generous and she is a much-loved part of our dental team.

Yvonne is keenly interested in paediatrics (kids dentistry) and loves it when she is visited by whole families. Her career hopes include perfecting the art of aesthetic dentistry under the mentorship of Ernie.

Yvonne loves cooking, especially Asian food from the diverse regions of Asia and thinks the more complex the ingredients the better! She is passionate about Biblical studies and was a Sunday School teacher for ten years! Yvonne is also a part of her local church and volunteers in various groups that promote personal growth at the Indonesian Church her and her husband Deri attend.



Dr. Michael has been a good friend of Ernie’s for over ten years and they both played on the same basketball team back in uni days. Michael graduated from Dentistry at the University of Western Australia with honours in 2007. Michael had been working with his parents at Parkwood Dental Centre when he took ownership of the practice in 2009. Michael’s wife Amy however is a budding opera singer and the next step in her studies required them to relocate to New York City. Turning out to be at the perfect time as Ernie and Sarah were looking to relocate back to Perth, and in preparation, Michael and Ernie got together and discussed the possibility of Ernie taking on his beloved practice. Since then Ernie and Michael enjoyed working together and shooting hoops on the weekends as Michael prepared to move to the US. Michael is a very loved dentist among the Photogenic community and all our staff cried when it was time for him to leave. Patients were often surprised when in their long appointments Michael would get out his X-box and play a game with them or watch a film on the ceiling TV. His passion for golf also meant he often had a cheeky early finish every now and then so he could get out on the green. Recently in NYC Michael has been spending his time volunteering with local community groups in providing care and support for the homeless, and supporting Amy in her studies as she pursues her dreams. The great news is he is back to work with us permanently soon so watch this space!


Minor Oral Surgery, Oral Implantology, I.V Sedation, Sleep Dentistry, Dental Sedationist; Western Australian Dental Sedations

Dr Sean Heah completed his Bachelor of Dental Science with Honors in 2008 at the University of Western Australia. Since then, he has worked in both government and private practice in Perth and rural Western Australia before joining the team at Photogenic Dental.
In 2013, Sean worked in New Zealand at Dunedin Public Hospital as the Oral and Maxillofacial Registrar. While there, Sean received extensive training in Dental Implants, difficult wisdom tooth removal and minor oral surgery. Subsequently, Sean was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry in Oral Surgery from the University of Otago. During Sean’s Oral surgery studies, he had the good fortune to be closely mentored by many prominent Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He has trained extensively in implant dentistry around Australia, with the London Institute for Dental Implantology and more recently, in the USA. Sean is an advocate for using dental implants to replace missing teeth and enjoys helping our patients improve their quality of life by giving them teeth they can be proud of. He is accredited in Dental Implantology by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and has also completed the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Primary examinations in 2009.

Sean is also a member of:
The Australian Dental Association
The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry
The International Team for Implantology
The International College of Oral Implantologists
and The Australian Society of Dental Anesthesiologists

To further compliment his training, and for the comfort and safety of his patients, Sean went on to complete the Graduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation and Pain Control (GDipClinDent, Conscious Sedation) at the University of Sydney. Sean is an AHPRA Board certified and endorsed I.V Sedation provider, and has many years experience administering I.V Sedation, as well as providing surgical and dental treatment under IV Sedation and General anaesthesia. He is the director of Western Australian Dental Sedations, providing I.V Sedation together with his team of Registered Nurses in a safe and caring environment around W.A. Sean has a keen interest and concern for treating patients with severe dental anxieties or phobias. He provides intravenous dental sedation (Sleep dentistry) for any type of dental treatment, in conjunction with referring dentists, as well as for surgical procedures. With this option, you can get a large amount of work done in one visit or avoid having dental work done while you’re fully conscious. This is also an ideal option for patients with a strong gag reflex.

And if you’d believe he has any, in his spare time, Sean enjoys photography and playing the guitar, whether it’s bass, acoustic, classical or electric. He goes fishing regularly and likes four wheel driving and camping with his wife.