It can be really hard getting your kids to brush their teeth, let alone get them to be excited about brushing. It can also be difficult to explain to them why brushing and healthy snacks are important. Lets be honest-kids often just want to eat the toothpaste, not clean their teeth!So to help you along your way we have made a list of some super fun apps that your kids will love and will get them in the mood to brush their teeth every day! Put them on your ipad or your smart phone and have some fun!



Are your teeth discoloured from too much tea, coffee or curry? Have you got that special event coming up that you’d like a nice shiny photogenic smile for? 

Teeth whitening is a great, quick and pain free way of improving your smile. We offer faster more effective in chair whitening solutions for those up close profile photos and easy to use, cost effective take home options to suit your timetable.





This is where you would book a 1 hour appointment with us and we would whiten your teeth in the chair. You simply lay back as we apply the product to your teeth, and then watch TV as our lights do the work for you! Phillips Zoom in chair whitening is proven to assist teeth in whitening up to 8 shades brighter.



The take home option is where we would book an initial consult with you to take moulds of your teeth ahead of time, and once they are ready we will call you to pick them up. You can then take home either our Opalescence or Phillips Zoom treatment and apply it to the inside of the mouth guards and wear them for a few hours at a time at home. The best success for these products is to wear them overnight for a couple of nights, and continue to brush regularly. We have found these to be particularly successful and a good take home option!


If you would like to see some amazing before and after photos to see just how well these products work, visit our website at and follow the links from the 'PH Expertise' page!

3 Tips to Naturally Whiter Teeth:

People often want white teeth for special occasions like School balls, summer holidays or weddings but why not have a gorgeous white smile ALL the time?

The outer layer on teeth naturally discolours over time, especially with increased tea & coffee in take as the tannin (a component of tea) gradually stains the teeth. However, you don’t have to completely give up coffee and tea to have white teeth (YAY!)

That’s why it’s important to follow these three easy steps to maintain your white teeth naturally!

  1. Use an electric toothbrush-the speed at which the brush head rotates acts as a mini buffer and polishes surface level stains off the teeth. Plus, healthy pink gums actually make your teeth look nicer just like the right frame makes a piece of art pop! Using a toothpaste with whitening agent also aids in giving you a sparkly smile.
  2. Rinse your mouth out with water immediately after drinking a cup of tea or coffee-even if you’re in a café, have a sip of water and let it swirl around your mouth then swallow. Make sure you also do this when you use some mouth rinses, as even they can contribute to stained teeth. 
  3. Limit the amount of red wine you drink or cigarettes you smoke-they act similarly to coffee and can stain your teeth over time. Don’t forget the overall health benefits of slowing down either.

For some amazing “before & after’s” for teeth whitening hop over to our Ph Stories page and check out some of our special friends who’ve had their teeth done by us!

We also offer great in-chair whitening options or take home trays that can get you that gorgeous white smile in no time.